Financial supervision and regulation


Establishing well-defined regulations and ensuring their application guarantees the protection of consumers, efficient functioning of markets and stability of the financial system.


Fit & Proper offers support in regulation and supervision policies for liquidity, solvency, risk management, corporate governance and compliance with laws and regulations of financial institutions. This includes developing risk supervision frameworks with the methodology used by the supervisor to assess the risk profile of institutions.


This area also includes disclosure and transparency, financial consumer protection, credit bureaus, functions and organizational structure of supervisory authorities, among others.


This area includes 18 specialties:


  •  Risk-based supervision framework SICBER (Risk-based Integral Consolidated Supervision)
  •  Risk profile of the supervisor (risk matrix and/or rating system of entities)
  •  Pilot inspections of entities
  •  Information regimes and data models for supervisor
  •  Corporate governance
  •  Risk management
  •  Disclosure and transparency
  •  Macroprudential and systemic issues
  •  Basel I, II and III
  •  Protection of financial services consumers
  •  Credit bureaus
  •  Regulatory framework
  •  Regulatory issues of the financial safety net
  •  FOREX
  •  Virtual currencies and criptocurrencies
  •  Institutional strengthening
  •  Formation and training framework 
  •  RegTech 

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