Central bank management


Central banks are essential for the monetary and financial consolidation of countries. Their efficiency and manner of reaching their targets affect price, monetary and financial stability, payment systems, credit markets, capital markets and international trade; in turn, all these are essential for achieving sustained economic growth.
Fit & Proper offers consulting in specific technical issues such as monetary policy, financial stability, payment systems and interfinancial operations.
Additionally, it advises on issues related to strategic and management strengthening, among others.

This area includes 12 specialities:

  • Financial stability
  • Monetary and exchange policy
  • Administration of reserves
  • Payment and compensation system
  • Open market operations (repo and operations with bills and notes)
  • Lender of last resort (rediscounts)
  • External trade and exchange rate
  • Central banking corporate governance
  • Central banking risk management
  • Accounts plan and manual
  • Institutional strenghtening
  • Formation and training framework

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