Financial inclusion & microfinance


Microfinance has played an increasing role as a tool to provide access to financial services to low-income people. Financial inclusion is a priority policy issue given its key role in the development of the financial system and social and economic progress.
Fit & Proper offers consulting aimed at professionalizing and increasing the management capabilities, risk management, distribution channels and funding sources of microfinance institutions.
Moreover, it advises regulatory and supervisory agencies in the development of regulatory, normative and supervisory frameworks appropriate to products, services, and marketing channels that contribute to financial inclusion.

This area includes 18 specialties:
  • Protection of financial services consumers
  • Financial education (programms, structure, content, materials, channels y formats)
  • Microfinance (includes rural and indigenous microfinance, and microinsurance)
  • Institutional strenghtening, strategic plans, businesses and budgets
  • Strenghtment to rectify findings by the supervisor
  • Sources of funding
  • Distribution channels
  • Organization, career plan and human talent policies
  • Formation and training framework
  • Corporate governance
  • Risk management (ERM)
  • Modelos and methodologies to measure and manage risks (includes stress tests)
  • Capital adequacy and process to internally assess capital adequacy (ICAAP)
  • Contingency and business continuity plans
  • Information technology
  • internal control, internal audit and external audit
  • Microfinance supervision and regulation
  • FinTech

Internal control, internal audit and external audit

Supervision and regulation of microfinance

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