Economy and Finance


The design of macroeconomic and sectorial policies, as well as their full understanding, enables investors to know their business environment and, therefore, make more efficient decisions.

Fit & Proper helps clients understand the state of the economy and financial system at a local and international level providing input for making business decisions. Moreover, they can be provided with advise to achieve a more efficient management or a reorganization of theirfinances.

Additionally, it advises institutions responsible for macroeconomic policymaking through research, diagnosis and forecasts of both, the real economy and financial field.

This area includes 8 specialties:

  • Project Finance
  • Analysis and forecasts
  • Financial system
  • Corporate finance and capital markets
  • Valuation of projects
  • Research
  • Corporate and soveriegn debt
  • Development of public debt operations and strategies
  • Financial crisis simulation

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