Virtual Campus

Fit & Proper has a virtual campus located at the url Through this electronic platform participants can take courses under e-learning and webinar from any place with an Internet connection.

Our platform allows access to an unlimited number of users without previous installation of any hardware. Internet connection, Adobe flah player and a browser are required.


Fit & Proper develops customized e-learning courses to our clients. This courses, after being developed by a multidisciplinary team (experts in contents from outside and within the organization, experts in design and multimedia tools, experts in training, narrator, etc.), can be uploaded to Fit & Proper's campus,, or exported to the client's own platform in scorm format.

Through the platform, interactive courses (with texts, photographs, graphs, animations, audio, video, games, etc.) can be taken at any time and in any place. Courses can include an exam at the end and certificates of participation can be printed. It also includes a tracking board that allows monitoring activities of participants, including the time they take to finish each activity, questions they answer correctly, progress made, among other data.


The platform also has a webinar/webconference module. With this advanced tool, training to participants in any part of the world connected to the platform at the same time as the instructor can be provided. This simultaneity enables answering questions online, monitoring connected users (whether they are registerd or guests), sharing audio, video and even the instructor's screen with participants (permits are enabled by the estabished hosts). Finally, surveys and polls can be conducted with immediate results.