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Document Title: Bank Resolution Workshop
Author and Date: Bolzico, Figueroa, Tappatá and Mascaró. The World Bank. November-December, 2004  Download
Formal procedures for a proper bank resolution.  
Document Title: Critical Issues in Financial Stability: Preventing and Confronting Bank Insolvency; Bank Restructuring and Resolution, some Well Applied Experiences
Author and Date: Javier Bolzico, The World Bank, IMF, US Federal Reserve Board. June, 2003 Download
Presentation of best practices for the prevention and control of bank insolvency situations.  
Document Title: Bank Relationships: Effect on the Availability and Marginal Costs of Credit for Firms in Argentina
Author and Date: Streb, Bolzico, Druck, Henke, Rutman and Escudero. November, 2001 Download
The paper provides evidence on what affects at the margin the cost and availability of bank credit for firms in Argentina.