María del Rosario Soares Netto

Associate Professionals 

Master in Finance, Graduate in Business and Public Accountant from University of the Republic of Uruguay. She has specialized studies at theFederal Reserve Bank of New York, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions of Canada, Financial Stability Institute, Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. She currently serves as head of the Department of Information and Financial Consumer Assistance of the Superintendence of Financial Services of the Central Bank of Uruguay. Previously, she has worked for the Central Bank of Uruguay at the Financial Safety Net. She served as Area Manager in the Bank Savings Protection Superintendency (deposit insurer) and, for 15 years, she worked for the Superintendency of Financial Intermediation where, among others, she was Unit Chief of the Control and Compliance Unit, among others.

Since 2008 she is an associate professional of Fit & Proper.