Our Principles

Fit & Proper's staff and everyone involved in the company follow these principles:


In Fit & Proper we understand this principle in its broadest sense -not only in the moral one, which is a pre-condition for being part of our team. This means, being honest while expressing opinions, accepting mistakes, and providing services in complete agreement with our proposals. Professionals at Fit & Proper are not only specialists with wide experience in their work fields but also honest and honorable individuals.


Professionalism, adaptability and responsibility

Services provided by Fit & Proper reflect international best practices. Fit & Proper's professionals are reliable, not only due to their academic qualifications, but also due to their experience; as we say, they "have already been there". Their proposals are grounded in reality and consider the particular situation of each client, adapting to their specific needs without leaving aside neither technical nor professional excellence. Responsibility is a permanent commitment of Fit & Proper, starting from the fulfillment of agreed upon schedules up to the total quality of the services provided.


Commitment to a job well-done

Those who are part of Fit & Proper feel their job not only as a source of income, but also as a calling. Professionals at Fit & Proper, enjoy their work and the satisfaction that "doing things well" provides.


Client satisfaction

Fit & Proper is based on the understanding that the job performed must provide realistic and concrete solutions for those hiring our services. To achieve client satisfaction, maintaining high standards and professional excellence, is Fit & Proper's main objective and a necessary requisite for its future as a company.