José Antonio Licandro

Associate Professionals 

Master in Applied Economics from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and Graduated from the School of Economics from University of the Republic of Uruguay. He also holds a Diploma in Applied Macroeconomics and Financial Programming and Policy. He has vast experience in deposit insurance, banking regulations and monetary policies and has provided consultant services on issues related to financial safety nets. He is actually Intendant of Financial Regulation at the Superintendence of Financial Services of the Central Bank of Uruguay. During his professional career he was, among others, President of the Bank Savings Protection Commission (COPAB) of Uruguay, Manager of Monetary Policy and Macroeconomic Programming and Manager of the Department of Economic Analysis at the Central Bank of Uruguay. He is the author and co-author of several research works, mostly devoted to macroeconomics of small open economies, as well as to financial regulations, particularly focused on issues related to financial safety nets and deposit Insurance.

Since 2009 he as an associate professional of Fit & Proper.