Javier Bolzico

Founding Partner

Javier Bolzico  is founding partner of Fit & Proper Consulting.

Javier Bolzico is Ph.D. in Economics from University of CEMA (Argentina), and has a degree in Economics, from the National University of Córdoba (Argentina).

He has vast experience as an international consultant in more than 30 countries across America, Europe, Asia and Africa, addressing issues related to strengthening financial safety nets, banking supervision, bank resolution, deposit insurance, and central banking and macroeconomics, among others. He is a consultant of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF). Additionally, he has published research papers and articles in specialized journals.

He has also been a member of the Permanent Financial Regulation Evaluation Commission as well as of the Core Principles Liaison Group and Capital Working Group of the Basel Committee, is a founding partner of ASBA (Association of Bank Supervisors of the Americas), and is a Program Leader at the Toronto Centre.

Previously, he served as President of Patagon Argentina (a subsidiary of Banco Santander), Director of the Central Bank of Argentina, Superintendent of Financial and Foreign Exchange Institutions, and Vice President of Banco de Santa Fe.