Place and date: United States. December 2010
Event   Description     Program
Financial Safety Net Workshop   First Barrier of Entry: Strengthening of Risk Based Supervision Processes | Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)    

Place and date: Brazil. October 2010
Event   Description     Program
Brazil Crisis Preparedness Program   Central banking instruments for financial crisis and Bank Resolution | Toronto Centre, ASBA and Central Bank of Brazil    

Place and date: Guatemala. September 2010
Event   Description   Press Program
XIII Conferences on Financial Supervision   Lessons learned from the international financial turmoil | Superintendency of Banks of Guatemala  

Place and date: United States. May 2010
Event   Description     Program
Workshop   Overview of Financial Sector Issues and Analysis Workshop. Javier Bolzico (Fit & Proper) and Yira Mascaró (World Bank) | World Bank    

Place and date: Argentina. May 2010
Event   Description     Program
Seminar on Banking Regulation   Session on International Banking Regulation: Basel III | Center for Financial Stability (CEF)    

Place and date: Ecuador. February - March 2010
Event   Description     Program
Training Workshop   Practical workshop on the banking supervision manual and supporting tools. Practical implementation of the supervision manual (MUS) | Superintendency of Banks and Insurance of Ecuador